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I have my own website on statistics, and I teach SAT math to gifted students (+ other math courses) at a highly reputed Test Prep Academy that charges $1,500 for its SAT program. I have access to a great amount of tutorial resources in all math courses.

I don't want my students to be robots and just replicate procedures. I want them to understand what they are doing and enjoy the process.

A big fan of mental math, I scored 99th percentile in GMAT, GRE and SAT math sections. When you'll work with me, you'll see that I do most of the problems in my head without using paper or calculator. A large % of the SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE math problems can be done in your head if you know the techniques. However, neither the prep books, nor the school text books teach math that way. Encouraged by some students, I have started writing my own math problem solution book on SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT.

As our DNA is more wired to catch things visually than it does any other way, I want you to draw as many pictures as needed to catch your own mistakes, and break down the word problems into smaller parts where you don't bog down your short term memory that lowers your critical thinking ability. I'll show you many many techniques that you will not see in any book. For test prep courses, I'll cut down your time in just about every problem.

I teach with absolute passion as if the whole world depends on what I do. It does. Unless I am tired, you'll notice that I get high from teaching. I love to find ways on the fly to make students understand things that they don't understand in conventional ways. I totally individualize teaching for every student, and I usually teach ten different students in ten different ways. When I retire, I'll tutor for free. Now, I keep it as low as I can at WyzAnt.

The number of courses I'm registered to tutor through WyzAnt is currently 66. I also tutor Six Sigma statistics exams not in the WyzAnt course list. I can help create complicated Excel and Access models to streamline your office work.

*Tutoring experience: 25 years.

*Undergrad: Math.

*Grad degree: MBA with 3 majors - Finance, Managerial Information System & International Business.

*Professional exams passed: Society of Actuaries credit for Exams P-Probability, VEE-Economics, FM – Financial Mathematics, VEE-Corporate Finance, Exam-M Actuarial Models Financial Economics Segments, VEE-Applied Statistics, Exam-M Actuarial Models – Life Contingencies Segments, Exam-C Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models.

*Forte: Mostly teach Mathematics and Statistics - elementary to PhD. SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE.

I think I am good at understanding what students are thinking incorrectly, and then I try to adjust their fundamental understanding of the concepts. I believe, all learning should be fun. I love to reach out to students and make them understand why the particular technique they are learning is useful in their regular lives. I try to make them understand that math problems are just like video games, and once they learn the techniques it is easy for them to win.

Although I believe grades should just be side effects of having fun with the course, I think, preparing for the test for specific teachers is a skill that should be learned and mastered. Game planning and pep talking for the test is one of my favorite hobbies that I developed in later life.

My day-to-day work experience with mathematics and statistics have increased my depth of understanding on all types of math courses.

I am available 7 days a week 6 am to midnight with appointments and I am willing to travel far for tutoring. I have stayed awake all night for PhD students for statistics projects, and I frequently meet students at 6-8AM when they really needed it for tests.

I live to change the learning trajectory of as many people as I can.

Let's enjoy learning and unlearning.