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1 John 2 is written by John to those who are being led astray by misinformation, even though they are mature in their beliefs. John identifies what the these Believers need to be cautious of and in doing so reveals the only devices that are available to defeat the Christians.  Many people overlook this little passage and continually are fooled by the tricks of the enemy.  Read them for yourself and contemplate what they mean in your life and how you can overcome by removing them from your situation.  The application of this spiritual insight will catapult you to a new level of understanding while providing the confidence you need to overcome your circumstances.  Read it for yourself in 1 John 2:15 - 17 and reflect on its impact on how, what and why you live your life as you do. Let’s discuss it.  

Growing up as a bright student who wanted to be cool meant that I stayed away from math subject like everyone else - then I got to Algebra.  The ability to find the unknown through remembering formulas simply intrigued me and I learned as much as possible.  As I went into High School and college, I found that the use of Algebraic equations could be a life saver if you simply needed to find the value of something upon demand.  I used them for sales to get the best prices, for Excel because the macros are not as easily remembered, for budgeting money as an adult to assure I stay on target and any other time I need to find the answer quick.  Once you learn the rules of Algebra, the rest is a piece of cake.  I will make you a believer.

1. Get to know your students likes and dislikes.  There favorite subject, or if they are in sports or extra activities.  Then ask      them about it before starting the lesson each time.  Show that you are interested in them.   2. Have a fun activity planned.  Such as Math tic tac toe, matching game with math terms, math multiplication with playing        cards.   3. Using florescent note cards for math vocabulary.  I also have them use colored pens or markers to make the flash            cards.  Then have them create a crossword puzzle if they have access to a computer and the internet.   4.  Then after introducing how to look up the vocab words, next point out how to find them in there textbook.  Next check       to see if there is a glossary in there text book or at the end of the chapter, otherwise have them look... read more

 Hello Students!    My name is Vanessa Ralph and I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist/Chemistry Curriculum Illustrator and Animator. I would love to solve any homework questions you have while also explaining all the concepts you need to understand to successfully replicate what you've learned on a test or exam.    Please visit my website at to submit and questions you would like to have solved or subscribe to my YouTube channel to see how I go about doing these!   Take care! 

As I am just creating this profile today, I don't really have any big breakthroughs to report for this. However, I will be dedicating myself to doing this every week. I will be posting the results of my weekly studies, changes in my personal study habits, and a study tip of the week. Hopefully this will be helpful to all of my students, and anyone else who might happen upon it!

I absolutely love tutoring. From a few years of experience I have gained some knowledge on how to make tutoring a fun experience and not make students feel like they are attending a second school.  One of my main tips is to let the students set the atmosphere. They need to be comfortable in whatever environment to facilitate learning. If music helps them concentrate, or some kind of background noise, then encourage it. If they want to sit on the couch instead of the chairs, so be it. The student should be able to chose the medium in which they study so as not to feel constrained like a classroom setting.  Another tip that I like to give is to level. If you know that your student isn't going to understand something the way an Ivy League student would, don't use ridiculous words and techniques. The whole point of tutoring is to help someone understand a concept, not to show off how smart you are. Subjects should never just be limited to the material either. Ask... read more

I have been an artist all my life. Coloring, drawing and learning to paint since I could hold a crayon. My appreciation for the arts is unlimited and unbounded. Animation really fueled my imagination when I was young, today I incorporate both traditional and digital methods to create my work. I keep my work, fun, up-beat and positive.   Along with art I love ASTRONOMY - they are coupled together by history and time. I teach these subjects in several classes that I run myself in my community. I am here to help YOU. I enjoy sharing knowledge and learning together. If there is anything I can do for you please feel free to contact me !   Keep Looking Up! My Online Gallery of Art and Photography

Hey,    My students I am very happy to say you. You don't have to worry about the Share Market because i am gonna to teach you about the share market.   1. How the market Trends is going on. 2. what the reason market is falling down or upside way(Bearish or Bullish). 3. When to Buy. 4. When To Sell. 5. What to buy. 6. What to Sell. 7.Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis. 8. New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ)NYSE, Indian share Market (BSE & NSE) 9. Companies Data Chart. 10. Etc.  

I have been reading the blogs on who makes a good tutor. Most of the answers I have read have great suggestions. My way to find a excellent tutor is as follows. You should read their educational background and how much experience the person has had in a classroom.  Especially recently, since this tutor knows the new methods of teaching.  He or she has had experience teaching students with multiple educational needs. The tutor has taught various ages of students, and uses multiple intelligence ways to teach. Use of hands on activities, verbal, and visual aids for tutoring.  Being book smart today doesn't always make a good tutor.  Having a college education or Master's degree in Education does qualify you as a excellent tutor, since you have to pass all subject levels to receive one. These subjects include special needs, psychology, child development and sociology. Having a degree in a subject is a plus but doesn't mean you can tutor. A tutor must be able to keep... read more

Want to be published? I am the editor of three on-line science journals, published through the CK-12 Foundation ( These journals, Understanding Biodiversity, Profiles in Science (early 2016), and Current Trends in the Biomedical Sciences (late 2016) are opportunities for students to become published.  I am available to assist students nationwide through the research, writing and publishing process - just sent me an email to find out more.    

• Explain why European exploration led to cultural clashes and interchange between the Europeans and the native peoples of the areas they conquered. • Relate the events stemming from the Renaissance to the Age of Discovery. • Analyze the impact that took place in Africa and the Americas due to slave trade. • Explain the reasons why Europe was invested in South and Southeast Asia, and the impact of its involvement. • Recognize the ways in which the Columbian Exchange advanced Europe's position in the global community, while decreasing the power of other nations.

    There are four different libraries at the bottom of the Windows bar on the top of the program that are usually overlooked when first learning the program. Brush, Graphic Styles, Swatch and Symbols. These libraries, especially the symbols, are like built-in Clip Art. Using the spray can tool you can click once for a single symbol or click and drag for multiple symbols. Once you select a single symbol you can go to Object>Expand to make the symbol editable. I have used this to color the petals of the flower symbol different colors. The brush library includes several icons that can be used with the brush. The swatches library includes the gradient library which has a ton of gradients to choose from. The graphic styles library has textures that can be used as background as well as to fill type. The type effects tool is a one click tool that has some amazing effects that normally would take hours to achieve manually. The best part about all of these libraries is that... read more

Wyzant wants to know!: How do I make my tutoring lessons fun?   I approach some aspects of tutoring the way I approach the classroom--the fortunate part of tutoring is that both the student and the teacher may have more freedom.     That brings me to my first tip!   1) The world is a classroom!  As much as I'd love to bring a classroom full of students out and about, I am restricted by funding, permission slips, and other bureaucratic hurdles.  In tutoring, given permission of the parent/guardian, we can go out and about.  How better to learn about social norms (sociology) than going out in public and observing a few?  Or breaking a few?  (Safely, I promise!)   2) Know the student.  I remember being all of 7 years old and I asked my teacher why I had to know math.  The teacher, rather than answer my question, scolded me and called my parents.  In reality, if the teacher... read more

Hello all!   I am super excited to sign-up for The New MCAT.  I can't tutor on the new exam without taking it, so I will be on a journey to make sure that the exam is everything the committee says it is.   I will be posting different material, study questions and strategies that I find useful for preparing for this exam.  I hope this will help you to, and I will give feedback on the different subject problem areas that I see in my current students.   I have exactly 4 months until the exam.  This is a good amount of time - planning is crucial for the exam - because there are 4 sections on the new MCAT.  Here they are:   Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills   There is a small video to describe The New MCAT, and... read more

This is a totally random suggestion for other tutors- I'm sure the basics have been said about providing professional service- but anyway- if, when you meet a client for the first time, you are offered coffee or water, accept it the first time whether you want it or not!  If you say no thanks the first time, they don't usually offer it again.  But if you graciously accept you will have an offer of beverage every time.    

There is a term that I use when helping my own children when they get frustrated working on homework. I call it the "background brain". I work as a software developer, so this is a computer analogy. With computers, there are processes that are running on the screen that the user is interacting with. There are often other processes running in the background that the user is unaware of.     Our brains work similarly. While we are consciously working on a problem, or reading a book, or doing anything else, our brain is also working in the background, and we are unaware of all that it is doing. From regulating our bodies, to making sense of the things that we are experiencing, it is working.     Sometimes when we are frustrated with a problem that we are working on, we need to step away and do something else. This gives our "background brains" time to process things and connect the dots subconsciously. Sometimes that is all we need... read more

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