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I received my BS in Physical Chemistry from Chongqing University, China and my Ph.D in Biochemistry from Miami University, USA. I have extensive teaching experience in college-level General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Plant Biology as I served as a Teaching Assistant in Miami University for 4 years. I know their backgrounds and ways to improve their grades. Right now I am tutoring... read more

The delta G for above reaction A↔B is 24.5KJ/mole under standard conditions. at equilibrium a student adds and addition 4 moles of A and 2 moles of B this addition makes the reaction go which direction...


Stereoisomers Written by tutor Kathie Z. Stereoisomers for Chemistry First look at the images below so that you connect the definitions of the different categories of stereoisomers with the following discussion: Source: Wikimedia Commons Isomer: two compounds with the same chemical formula Constitutional isomers: structural isomers (where one connection is located differently... read more


Picture it: You're sitting in class and you keep hearing some stuff about phopsphodiester bonds... um... what? You know it forms links in the DNA deoxyribose backbone but... wait, what? If you have not had much chemistry start reading here; if you've taken organic chem feel free to skip ahead. Let's take it from the top. You always hear that all life is organic... Wait, Like Organic... read more


Hi! Welcome to my blog :) I am new to WyzAnt and can't wait to help demystify General Chemistry and Biochemistry for you! Being a student myself and having helped out my sixteen year old sister with her Chemistry classes in high school, I understand the challenges you face while learning Chemistry.  In my experience, I found that generally learning challenges can be categorized into... read more

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