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 Choose an image of a scene from a movie where color expressed a mood and then explain what mood was depicted  and how the color and other elements of art and principles of design where...


I want my students to enjoy the hands on learning experience of fine art, and to accomplish this I strive to create custom curriculum catered to each student. By understanding the needs of my student and what their goals are I can keep their interest and the process of learning fun.  I believe in teaching through encouragement and positivity, and the importance of not... read more


S. made great progress with her homework assignment, which was to copy a charcoal portrait by John Singer Sergeant. The study was a great leap forward from her previous attempt at copying a portrait drawing. S. next homework assignment is to draw her own version of a work from art history (it could be a drawing of a sculpture, for example) and to create either a book or CD cover, or... read more

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