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Wangari Muta Maathai addresses her audience several times, at the beginning of her speech and againwhat is the purpose of this repetition? does each address serve a unique purpose, or are they all...


The holidays are almost upon us - school will be out soon - and parents and students are looking at a 2-4 week hiatus from the regular routine of school work.  What happens to all of the knowledge and skills learned from school and tutoring during those weeks? Well, having been a high school principal for years, as well as a classroom teacher,... read more


Writing poses problems for many, and as a high school English teacher for several years, I have seen the various types of writing challenges. In my years of teaching all levels of high school English: Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, Honors English, Regular English,and all other levels, Gifted, Basic, I have found that the act of writing, whether at the highest level... read more