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Taxonomic categorization a. is always objective with clear-cut criteria and categories b. is always subjective to some degree, our culture always affects our observations and interpretations c...

____ 1. The economy of state societies is generally based on what form of subsistence technology? a. Agriculture. b. Cattle pastoralism. c. Foraging. d. Horticulture. e. Ocean...

Explain how tooth morphology can inform researchers about the diet and ecological niche of fossil primates, especially for older fossils that do not include post-cranial elements.

Based on laboratory analysis, she determined that 22.6 kg of shellfish provide 3,670 calories. a) What is the caloric return rate one of these women earns from shell fishing (calories per hour)...


I recently came across this article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, urging college professors to fight grade inflation in the Humanities. As a college-level Instructional Assistant, I see this all the time. Students feel that their grade in their Anthropology course should reflect only effort and completion, not the content and understanding. This a trend that is not seen in the STEM... read more


In today's world where everything is about our accomplishments, and time is of the essence, it really helps to get a tutor. I don't think I would be where I was today if I had not had the benefit of a tutor in some of my college subjects. A good tutor can help you to have more confidence and success as you move forward with your goals and dreams. Working with a good tutor can make a world of difference... read more


Often, students are not taught HOW to study and what to study. As a long-time college professor I can share teacher techniques and how we choose what we choose related to tests and discussions. There are also basic principles of testing that must be learned. Take some time now during your break to learn how to study and what to study and even how to take tests, so in the Fall you will be ready... read more

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