how do you find the greatest common factor with variables in it

how do you find the greatest common factor with variables in it???


What is a black hole?

I'm confused on what a black hole is and how they work.


help me please

What quantity of 75 per cent acid solution must be mixed with a 30 per cent solution to produce 945 mL of a 50 per cent solution?


4 x-2 z = b-2 solve for x

4 x-2 z = b-2


algebra help

One angle in a triangle has a measure that is three times as large as the smallest angle. The measure of the third angle is 45 degrees more than that of the smallest angle. Find the measure of the... more


algebra help

In certain deep parts of oceans, the pressure of sea water, P, in pounds per square foot, at a depth of d feet below the surface, is given by the following equation: P = 14 + (4 d)/11 If a... more


help me please

Juan needs to mix a 20% alcohol solution with a 60% alcohol solution to create 200 millileters of a 48% solution. How many millileters of each solution must Juan use? A) Write an equation using... more


word problem

  Paige was on a long 238 mile road trip. The first part of the trip there was lots of traffic, she only averaged 19 mph. The second part of the trip there was no traffic so she could drive 54... more

4 ft tree yields 38lbs of fruit 16 ft tree yields 72 lbs of fruit what will a 18ft tree yield?

How do I create an equation from this question?

equation for variable of which constant is percentage thereof

algebraic equation for constant number that is a percentage or fraction of variable number and steps to solve

Find two different sets of parametric equations for the following equation: y= (1/(x^3)) I need the answers to this.

I have the answers {x=2t, y=(1/8t^3) } and {x=t, y=(1/t^3)} If I have the wrong answers could you explain how to get the right ones? I have to answer this in class tomorrow and I'm insanely... more

what is the answer to t+14>18


write the quadratic equation using: x=3, x=2

write the quadratic equation using the given information. X=3, X=2

How do you identify terms, like terms, coefficients, and constants in expressions?

My expression is -5x+4-x-1 


pentagon with no sides the same length

we are doing homework



factor completely

Factor 64x^3-1

I have to factor the expression 64x^3-1


how to do mixed numbers

5 2/6 + 1/3


what are the possible solutions for the inequality -2(y-7)>-2y+4

i dont get it if its real numbers or its not a solutions


Why is Shakespeare important?

its for discussion in class


What are the major themes in of mice and men?

for Lit class

how do i find the slope of a line paralell to y=3x+5?

Its California Algebra 1


I need help finding area

triangle Help


solve for x. 4-6x=82

i just need to know hoe so that i can be able to finish my final exams

how do you do equivalent fractions

how do you solve equivalent equations with distributive properties

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