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identify the solution of the equation above

 identify the solution 2x+4=3(x-8)


multiply the following matrices

|1 7 5|        |5  1|            x     |0  4| |4 9 1|        |3 5|


find the minimum value for the equation c=-2x+y given the following constraints

x greater or equal to 0 y greater than or equal to 0 x+y less than or equal to 7 5x+2 less than or equal to 20      a. 12   b. -8  c. 7   d. -10


identify the solution of the inequality

|x+3|-3greater than or equal to 1


find the value of x in the following system of equation

3x+2x+z=6 x+y+3z=-5 4x+y-z=10


what matrix would both sides need to be multiplied by to solve the equation below

|2   3|      |x|       |12|           x         = |4  -1|     |y|         | 8|

find the ordered pair where the maximum value occurs for the equation .. below

c=12 x-4y given the following constraints y greater than or equal to 4 x greater than or equal to 1 x+2y less than or equal to 16 y-x less than or equal to 5


if f(x) equals -3x squared-5x+7 find this: f(-2)

find f(-2) if f(x)equals -3xsquared-5x+7


what is the lowest common denominator of 3/10x + 10 and x/5x^2 -5 ?

show your factoring. please help i need help.


how do you solve (x + 2)^2 / x^2 + 3x +2

simplify each expression. show cancelling factoring.

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the sum of 3 times a number and 10 is 25

find the number


find the slope, y-interecept and x-intercept of line whose equation is

find slope: 2x-3y=12


simplify the following equation

this: 5/6(6x-12y)-1/4(8x-4y)


identify the standard form of the equation

 identify with this: 1/3x=7/3y+2


use the table below to find how many hrs it would take to travel 455m. at a constant rate

hours: 3,5,8,11,15 miles:210,350,560,770,1050


if sin teta = -1/3 and teta does not lie in the quadrant 3 find the value of cos teta



Calculate the force of gravity on earth of an object that has a mass of 200 kg.

Calculate the force of gravity on earth of an object that has a mass of 200 kg?  A. 20 N     C. 326 N B.123 N      D. 1,962 N


fractions and numbers

im having problems taking numbers like 250 and substracting it froma fraction like 3/4


Do you always use the property of distribution when multiplying monomials and polynomials?

Explain why or why not. In what situations would distribution become important?Provide an algebraic expression that uses the property of distribution for yourclassmate to simplify.


What four steps should be used in evaluating expressions?

Can these steps be skipped or rearranged? Explain your answers. Provide analgebraic expression for your classmate tosimplify.


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