how much ia 6 dimes 2 nickels and a qurter

how much is 6 dimes , 2 nickels and a qurter  


simplify (2x^2)(3x^2)

Very complicated


4(x - 1) - (x + 6) = 2

please help im confused


pleas help me understand

can you please show the work for this problem 2x-3y=10


A=bh A=45b=15

A= bh A=45,b=15  Area of paralleglogram          


need help showing my work with question below.

triangle PQR and triangle QRS have vertices P(-9,7) Q(4,7), R(4,-3), and S(10-3). what is the area in sq. units, of quadrilateral PQSR which is formed by the two triangles?   Answer Is 95. How To... more


what is 1/3 - (5/3)

ive tryed to figer it out but cant get the awnser to it


he length of time, in minutes, for and airplane to obtain clearance for take off at a certain airport is a random variable Y=3X-2, where x has the density funct

what is the probabloty and the mean and variance of the above question

8÷4[6-2(-8+3*2^3)] I cannot get this problem solved and simplified.

I am not able to get an answer for this problem. 8÷4[6-2(-8+3*2^3)] can you help?


(–1)(4 – c)simplify using distributive property

simplify  using distributave property (-1)(4-c)


how do I solve -2x=9 and graph?

I am having trouble understanding how to solve and graph -2x=9.


What are coefficient terms?

i have an algebra test monday and i was reveiwing my work when i realized i don't know what coefficient terms are. i looked it up but it's just confusing.

is this right? Slope: 0; through (-4,-2)

Help So the formula you want to use is y = mx + b. b is the y intercept and m is the slope. Since the slope is 0: y=0x + b To find b substitute -4 for x and -2 for y: -2=0(-4) + b, b=-2(-4)=  

math help for problems like 12a-a

my son just started 8th grade and doesnt understand how to do distributive property problems


converting feet into yards

writing an equation solving the problem --- magie has a ribbon 27 feet long what is the lenght of the in yards?

how do you solve two step equations?

my son is having trouble solving two step equations, and to be honest i never did this kind of math please help...


im going to give and example: 7(b+3) would the answer be -8z?

I dont know if the answer would be the letter with the number or just the number.


How would you factor 6y(squared) -5x(squared) +1

algebra II- Factoring Expressions


how many liters of 40% antifreeze solution must be mixed with 8 liters 70% antifreeze solution to get a 50% antifreeze?

I know that the answer is 16, I just dont know how that answer is found


4 X 4 + 4 X 4 + 4 - 4 x 4

can you please break this very simple problem: 4 X 4 + 4 X 4 + 4 - 4 x 4 =   I am old and I forget stuff. :) Thank you!



slove please  

why is it helpful to convert fractions to decimals?

Why is it helpful to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?


Can six congruent line segments make six congruent triangles?

I need to know if you can draw six congruent line segments in such a way that the result is six congruent triangles.

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