simplify: 5v(8)-6v(50)+4v(18)

a. -694√(2)b. -8√(24)c. -8√(2)d. can not be simplified


simplify v(8)x^(2) x v(2xy)

a.√(16x^(3)y^(2))b. 4xy√(x)c. 4√(x^(3)y^(2))d. 4y√(x^(3))


when a quadratic function is inversed to a radical function, why does the radical function not correctly show the reflection of the graph?

since y=x^2 is inverse to y=sqrt(x), it was supposed to reflect on the line y=x, but the radical function did not show the correct reflection of the quadratic graph because it only showed the half... more


evaluate (16^(-1/4))/(4-^(1/2))

a. -1b. 1c. 2d. 4


identify the conjugate of 4v(2)-2v(3)

  a. 4√(2)-√(3)b. √(2)+√(3)c. 4√(2)+2√(3)d. √(2)-2√(3)


simplify v3:81x^(6)y^(9)

a. 3x^(2)y^(3)√3:(3)b. 9x^(3)y^(4)√3:(y)c. 3x^(3)y^(6)√3:(3)d. 3x^(3)y^(4)√3:(3y)


value of the missing variable

d=rt missing variable d=105 feet, t=21 seconds


simplify i^(6) x i^(8)

a. ib. 1c. -1d. -i


simplify (4-v(3))^(2)

a. 9b. 19-8√(3)c. 16-2√(3)+√(9)d. 13-8√(3)


the total hours = 2 hrs 9 Mins. if you start at 9:00AM what time would you finish?

I have to add up break periods.  The total break hours is 2hrs 9 mins the start time is 9:00AM  what time would be my end time? 9:0AM to ?????   = 2hrs 9 mins

I need help to factor the trimonial of 2 problems.

1. 6c^2+7c+2 2.  10n^2-26n+12



factorise the expression completely  


11n+11p. 11+n+p. 11np. 11p+np. 11n+np

There are n lines of people at the concession stands at a baseball game and each line has 11 people in it. If p people are added to each row, how many total people will be in all the lines, in... more

Use the Laplace transform?

Use the Laplace transform to solve y^(4)-4y'''+6y"-4y'+y=0; y(0)=0, y'(0)=1, y"(0)=0, y'''(0)=1. Answer: y=te^t-t^2*e^t+(2/3)t^3*e^t L(y^(4))-4L(y''')+6L(y")-4L(y')+L(y)=L(0) But I don't know... more


How do I solve this equation: 5(x+3)-(4x-6)=-4

Help please!  I have substituted 25, 17, 13 and -25 from the answer bank - none of which balance out to a -4.  Completely stumped.

what is the length of a rectangle with a width of 5ft and an area of 30 square feet?

How would I solve this question?  Please demonstrate and so me how you got the answer. thanks


simplify (-2)power of 4xcubedypower of 6 divided by (-2)squaredxpower of -2ypower of -3

a. 64xpower 5ypower of 9 b. -64xycubed c. -4xycubed d. 4xpower of 5 ypower of 9


one of the factors of 16xpower of 4-1 is 4xsquared +1

a. 8x+1, x-1 b. 4x-1, x+1 c. 2x+1, 2x-1 d. 4x+1, x-1



a. -256xpower of 5 b. -8xpower of 9 c. 256x power of 9 d. 8xpower of 5


simplify (xsquared-4ysquared)-(3xsquared-2ysquared)

a. -2xsquared+2ysquared b. 4xsquared-6ysquared c. -2xsquared-2ysquared d. -2xsquared-6ysquared



a. xsquared+6x-16 b. xsquared-6x+16 c. xsquared-16 d. xsquared-6x-16


when you solve (xcubed+4x-4)/(x+2) by long division whats the remainder

a. 10 b. 15 c. -5 d. -20


Write the equation of a line perpendicular to the given line but passing through the given point. y = -3x-6 (-1, 5)

I need to use the slope intercept form which is y –y1 = m (x – x1)

Use the Laplace transform?

Use the Laplace transform to solve y"-y'-6y=0; y(0)=1, y'(0)=-1. Answer: y=(1/5)(e^(3t)+4e^(-2t)) I don't know how to take the Laplace transform for both sides. Help me step by step.

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