Take any number (except for 1). Square that number and then subtract one. Divide by one less than your original number.

Now subtract your original number. Did you reached 1 for an answer? You should have. How does this number game work? Hint: Redo the number game using a variable instead of an actual number and... more

how do I work this problem 3+(8-2)*6

trying to figure out how to work order of operations  


Why must we always be mindful of the final value of the denominator in a rational expression?

For example, consider the rational expression 3x/(x^2 – 16). What values in the denominator must we be mindful of? Explain why???


Fraction ----------------------------------------Urgent

Improper fractions to whole numbers or mixed number  56/8


Algebra --------------------------------------------

  7                    1 -----  divided (- ---) to the lowest terms   30                  5     Please its very urgent thanks much ..I appreciate it so much


help with word problems

hello:     here is the word problem i am having trouble with:   a second number is five times the first number.  a third number is a hundred times more than the first number.  if the sum of the... more


I bought a car for 92,000.00. What would be the total price of it with 2.49 financing per year and the payments?

A 92,000.00 Jaguar at 2.49 percent interest, on a 5 year plan. What would be total cost and payments monthly?


can you have the asvab test read to you?

I want to no if you can have the asvab test read to you if u don't no how to reed that well.


simplify 9(-9d+19)

simplify the expression


simplify (2a+12)(3a+3)+a

need to know if you use FOIL to simplify this problem


the absolute value of 9 decreased by 11. use x as the variable

write it out


Simplify a^2 - 3b^2

Is there a formula for this kind of q?  thank you


- 1/2 ( 2x + 2 ) < 5 solve

can yo please solve this problem been working on this equation for two hours and show me how.


5 divided by8 minus 9 divided by 20

simplest form  


Simplify 2x^2n-1 / 6x^2n-5

My answer is x^4 / 3.  Am I doing this right?


simplify 18-21-(-62)

simplify 18-21-(-62)    

simpllifying expressions but combining like terms in a problem like this: 14x^ - 5x^

Simplifying algebraic expressions by combining like terms.



simplified answer


What is the square root of 163.28? (Show work)

If you can, please explain the basics of square roots.

five times a number decreased by 18 minus 4 times the same number is -36

what is the number?



I need help solving this


Jaguar bought at 92,000.00 at 1.49 percent interest is how much total if payments are made for 5 years, and how much is saved from 2,49 percent payments

Jaguar bought at 92,000.00 at 1.49 percent interst for 60 months equals what price total, and difference in total for same amount 92,000.00 at 60 months for 2.49 interest. What is the difference in... more

7/8 in a decimal

what is the decimal of 7/8  


Having problems figuring out what should be done m/d a/s



Find the point B if M is the midpoint of the line segment joining points A and B.

A(−1, −8), M(6, −1) Using these two points I have to figure out what B is. I'm not terribly good at math and I would love to know how to do this. 

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