what are the possible solutions for the inequality -2(y-7)>-2y+4

i dont get it if its real numbers or its not a solutions


Why is Shakespeare important?

its for discussion in class


What are the major themes in of mice and men?

for Lit class

how do i find the slope of a line paralell to y=3x+5?

Its California Algebra 1


I need help finding area

triangle Help


solve for x. 4-6x=82

i just need to know hoe so that i can be able to finish my final exams

how do you do equivalent fractions

how do you solve equivalent equations with distributive properties


If x=3 and y=3-4x, what is y?

I'm trying to remember algrebra to help my 4th grade son.

33×8 in distributive property

Use the distributive propertyof multiplication to solve this problem. 33×8=


Choose the equation below that represents the line passing through the point (-3, -1) with a slope of 4.

I purchased an Algebra exercise book to help me and I need help with this question


Find an equation of the line that satisfies the given conditions.

Through (8, 6); perpendicular to the line y = 7


find x in the equation x=2^x+6

solve for the value of x in the equation x= 2x+6  

Identify the correct x intercept and y intercept of the equation x + 7y = -21.

Not understanding 


Choose the equation of the line passing through the point (2, 6) and parallel to y = -3x - 4.

I need help with this problem 

Solve the quadratic formula when a=5, b=12, and c=3 and also solve it with a=3, b=-5, and c=-9

I'm trying to solve the quadratic formula with these numbers, but my answers always ended up not being whole numbers. Can you solve it for me and tell me what you get? 


write a simplified expression for the area of the rectangle. State all restrictions on x


Rate change

A certain mountain has an elevation of 19,762 feet. In 1908, the glacier on this peak covered 5 acres. By 2000 this glacier had melted to only 1 acre. Assume that this glacier melted at a constant... more

solving systems of equations by substitution: 4x+3y=2 3x-2y=10

Please help me I can't solve this.


Tne number n of state and federal inmates in millions during year x where x 2002 n = 0.03x - 58.79 what year were there 1.3 million inmates.

I need help solving this math question and I can not figure out the solution to the problem in the correct order.


r times Secant theta equals -5

put into polar form


This is a question from pre algebra, factoring by grouping.

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