2x+2/9y=26 ( ,18)

I want to learn how to do these types of problems

using multiplication ,division,addition and subtraction aaand atleast one set of parentnesis give me an example of an expression simplifying the number 7

using multiplication, division,addition and subtraction and at least one set of parenthesis give me an example of a written expression simplifying the number 7


How can you increase motivation?

I am an avid student in junior high school looking for answers to a better motivation. Is there any concept to a more efficient way to work as a scholar? I would really apprectiate support for my... more


-3(x + 6) =

I dont get it


line 8A is 40,000.00. line 8B is 0.00. What factor if I take line 8A divided by line 8B?

8A. total average value of property is $40,000.00 8B is $0.00 What is property factor (line 8A divided by line 8A)   thanks


What's the common number in the followng table: x 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 and Y 2, 4, 6, 8, 10?

What's the missing number to make this table work?

m= undefined, crossing through (-3,5)

The directions of this problem is "Write an equation in slope intercept form for the line that satisfies the given conditions"


How do I work out this problem:5 2/3 - 3 1/6 ? I know the answer is 2 1/2 but how do I arrive at that answer?

I am trying to prepare for a test and I am just learning how to work fractions.


In school I am doing a project and I need to know how to.................

make 12 cookies and put the ingrediants in for 36 people


SOlving Complex Fractions

(7*8)^2/10 changed into a decimal

(7x8) to the second power divided by 10 converted to a decimal. I know 313.6 is not the correct answer. Thank you

I have a quastion please.

Find the value of annuity of a =$8000, I = 0.010, n =25

determine the slope, y intercept and x intercept

determine the slope, x-intercept, and y-intercept of the following equations x - y = 0 y = 3x - 5


help solve the following?ab^2c+5 divided by x^0y where a=3 b=-2 c=10 x=-7 y=5

we came up with an answer of 23, however the answer book says 25  -  3 times -2 squared times 10 plus 5 = -115 -7 to the 0 power is -1 times 5 = -5 -115/-5= 23  



how do you do this algebra step by step



what is the answer? is it  50???

When will the hare catch the tortoise?

a hare runs 50 ft/sec and a tortoise who is 1000 ft ahead of the hare runs 0.25 ft/sec. Assuming they both start at time t=0, what will be the value of t when the hare finally catches up?

prove that a square ABCD is half the area of a square ACEF, when the segment AB is half of the segment AE

              F   A______B______E   C______D  



Need help! This is my daughters homework.


how to solve y = x -8 y=5x

y = x -8             y= 5x  


identifying arithmetic sequences



How many pints can bottle A hold when full?

Bottle A is four-fifths full of water. Bottle B will hold 16 pints of water. When the contents of bottle A are poured into bottle B , bottle B is three-fourths full of water. How many pints does... more


A is half of B and B is half of C. If the average of A,B,C, is 70, find the value of A.

A is half of B and B is half of C. If the average of A,B, and C is 70, find the value of A.  


I have a algebra homework question i cant figure out.

a square and rectangle both with equal area. one side of the rectangle is 3 ft shorter than the square and the other side is 4 ft longer than the square. find the length of one side of the rectangle


What do they mean when the question reads Half as long?

The fund-raiser carnival was open for 4 hours. The bake sale was open half as long as the carnival was open. How many hours was the bake sale open?

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