-3x + 6 = -9

what is the value of x


x/5 + 9 =4

what is the value of x


-30 = T + 50

 what is the value of T


4y + 15 = 6y - 45

what is the value of Y


increase and descrease

Staples pays George Nagovsky an annual salary of $40,000. Today, George’s boss informs him that he will receive a $4,300 raise. What percent of George’s old salary is the $4,300 raise? (Round to... more


4 2/5+5 1/5

 i need help on adding mixed fractions


how do i go about solving a trig identity; that simplify s 1-sin^2 theta/1-cos theta

i know that sin^2 theta=1-cos^2 theta, but how do i express 1-cos theta, how do i simplify        

what two numbers form 8 as the greatest common factor

on my sheet it says what set of numbers form 8 as the greatest common factor  

I need help solving the equation: 6x= 7 - 4y

Can you please help me solve this?


4cd over 2c = ?

2cd over 2c =? when c=5 and d=2


Write an expression to model the following situation: Lisa and Tom are baking cookies for the annual bake sale. Lisa has baked 66 cookies, and Tom has baked 126

Algerbra 1. I in the 9th Grade and I AmHaving Somtrouble With These Kind Of Questions. Operations With Real Numbers.


frequency and kinetic energy.

A) The minimum frequency of light needed to eject electrons from a metal is called the threshold frequency, ν0. Find the minimum energy needed to eject electrons from a metal with a threshold... more


At 1 atm, how much energy is required to heat 83.0 g of H2O(s) at –18.0 °C to H2O(g) at 169.0 °C?

At 1 atm, how much energy is required to heat 83.0 g of H2O(s) at –18.0 °C to H2O(g) at 169.0 °C?   Where do I begin?


Specific Heat

Liquid sodium is being considered as an engine coolant. How many grams of liquid sodium (minimum) are needed to absorb 4.00 MJ of energy (in the form of heat) if the temperature of the sodium is... more


How many photons are produced?

How many photons are produced in a laser pulse of 0.528 J at 679 nm?


how do you solve the inequality (x+1)/(2-x)>2

as of right now i have the equation set equal to zero. but i am stuck and i am not sure how to continue on.   this is what i have: ((x+1)/(2-x))-2=0


three times two A

three times two a


i need your help

Hi can you help me with this math problem? It is 2p=kx-q and we are solving for x      

What is the distributive property, and how do I apply it to my equations?

I'm in an Algbra 1 class and got a graded homework assignment on the distributive property. What is it, exactly? And how do I apply it? Example of a problem: 15w+(-w)+5


x+2/3=4.. what equals X

what does X equal


if we know a quotient and a remainder, how do we find the divisor and divided numbers?

quotient 22, remainder 12 divisor is greater than remainder, right? is there a formula??

(4-16) (-8) =

Use the distributive property to evaluate the equation. I know how to do D.P. but this question confused me! Help me, please!



I cant figure this math question out?  

how to multiply 3/2 (1)- 3

this is an algebra equation. i have to make a table

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