A certain region is losing about 15 million acres of rain forest each year

(a) Find a linear function f that calculates the change in acres of rain forest in millions in x years. Type an expression using x as the variable f(x)= (b) Find f(8) and interpret the result (... more


When was the last Anthrax outbreak?

I just curious about the topic.


how do you solve tan2x=0.5 for x?

Please, help me to solve for x. Show steps.  Thank you! 

quadratic word problem

  Year: 1980        1985       1990       1995                                         1           18.8          22.6         26.0        29.0                                 The table lists the... more


distance traveled

the table lists the distance traveled by a falling object where  t  is elapsed time in seconds and d  is distance in meters.   t:  0      1      2        3         4        5                      ... more

quadratic regression

the following points form a quadratic relationship:  (1, 5.0) (2, 4.4)  (3, 4.3)  (4, 4.2)  (5, 4.6)  (6, 4.8)  (7, 5.4)  (8, 6.2).  The x coordinates are years a company has been in operation and... more

find quadratic

find the quadratic function that best fits this data   x  -10.2,  1.4,  7        y  100,  5,  56


Find the slope-intercept form for the line satisfying the the following conditions.

x-intercept 2, y-intercept 3/5


A barrel contains 164 gallons of paint and is being drained at a constant rate of 13 gallons per minute.

Write an equation that models the number of gallons, g, after t minutes


The costs of driving a car includes voth fixed costs and mileage costs.

Assume that it costs $166.50 per month for insurance and car payments and $0.23 per mile for gasoline, oil, and routine maintenance. (a) Find values for m and b so that y=mx+b models the monthly... more

Use the Divergence Theorem to compute the surface integral?

Use the Divergence Theorem to compute the surface integral where Q is bounded by x+y+2z=2 (first octant) and the coordi-nate planes, F=<2x-y^2, 4xz-2y, xy^3>. (Answer: 0) The divergence for... more

How do you find the equation to an integral when the equation is not given but the answer to the integral is?

int; integral sign Find int (bottom: -3 top: -5.5) (8*f(x)-9)dx when int (bottom:-5.5 top:-3) f(x)dx = -2 Also; let int (bottom: -8 top: -0.5) f(x)dx =8 int (bottom: -8 top: -5.5) f(x)dx =... more


function value

f(x)= 1/x-12  find f(-7)


solve the function

(fx)=3√x+1    find f(-9)



solve the equation please


solve absolute value

|x+6|=x^2+6x solve the equation


function value

for g(x)=-√(x+1)^2   find g(-7)


factor (functions and applications)



find or approximate solutions to the equation.  round to three decimal places if necessary.



find or approximate solutions to the eqiation...round to three decimal places


find profit

john owns a hot dog stand.  his profit in dollars is given by the equation P(x)=P=-x^2+14x+54, where x is the number of hot dogs sold. what is the most he can earn?


for f(x)=-|x+2|, find f(-8)

find the function value



find the exact solutions to the quadratic equation in the complex numbers 

80 lettertiles 10 of the tiles are e's 2 are g's ratio of e's to g;s

want to learn about   ratios    oiut

5m^2+12m+6=0 complete the square

complete the square

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