what are the seven rules that apply to a congruence angle?

list seven rules about Congruence that apply only to Angles.


I need the rule for dividing exponents

I need to see a chart that shows the rule for dividing by exponents like 8 (8divided by 8) exponent


I need help in algebra math, and volume and surface area

scientific notation, cube root, squared root simplfy using laws of eponents  


equations that I created. Want to see if they are correct.

Select any two integers between -12 and +12 which will become solutions to a system of two equations.Write two equations that have your two integers as solutions. Show how you built the equations... more


what does combine coeificents mean ?

what is the definition of coeificents?



just need to see the steps on how to solve this equation.

quadratic equation

Please help me solve the equation with the folowing method:  x2+12x-64=0   1.  Move the constant term to the right side of the equation. 2.  Multiply each term in the equation by four times the... more

I need to factor out the gcf of 5a^2b^4 + 15ab - 30a Nothing is in parenthesis

I am confused as to how to break down the b^4


My 13 year old daughter (8th grade) is stumped by her algebra homework.

"Solving Equations with the variable on each side." The first equation is 3k - 5 = 7k - 21. We are asked to "Solve each equation. Check your solution." The samples in her textbook are quite... more

How many equations have the point (3, 9) located on their graph.

y= x^2 y= 2^x y= (1/2)x y= |-3x| y= -|4x| y= 2x+ 3


How do you solve a problem dealing with miles and time, trying to creat a x and y chart??

For example: A girl was driving about 66 miles. She startd at 2:48 and she wanted to get to the airport about 4:00 pm. How long will it take her??

How do I solve?

With 4 days left in the mountain bug collecting contest, Mindy has caught 15 fewer bugs than Linda. If Mindy is to win the contest by collecting more bugs than Linda, at least how many bugs per day... more

The absolute value of a, decreased by 22

Translate the phrase to an algebraic expression. If no variable is given, use xas the variable. See Example 3.The absolute value of a, decreased by 22


what property of multiplication is used in this problem

what property of multiplication is used in this equation 4/6(6/6)=4/6 a) inverse property b) identity property c) distributive property d) associative property  


what are the three quartiles of 12 10 11 7 9 10 5

i have to create a box and whisker plot what is the three quartiles of the followin numbers

5(3(4) + 2) to the 2nd power

5(3(4) + 2) to the 2nd power


what is a limit problem that equals 30?

I need a limit problem that equals 30. I would like to have infinity in it but i dont know how.


what is the fraction for -12

negative numbers in fraction


5 - =4 1/2 2n

How do I figure 5 over 2n = 41/2?



solve equation for y to obtain the slope-intercept form of the equation


3x – 4 > 11

i Do not no this


2(-4) -3 POWER

2(-4)-3 POWER=  


can you help me with a quick math problem please

math question : an adult tiger can eat about 95 pounds of meat in one week living in a zoo. About how many pounds does it eat in one day?


what is the relatinship between the base and height of triangle if base is b and height is b-4

i am supposed to answer what is the relationship between the base b and height b-4  

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