how to solve a conic section problem

graph x=-1/6(y+1)2-3


789 trillion written as a integer?

How do you write 789 trillion as an integer?


factor the expression: x(x-8)+(x-8)

factor the expression: x(x-8)+(x-8)


Find the vertex of y=x^2+6x+2

I need help!!!!!!


introduction to problem solving  


63v squared-7

factor polynomial


what is the sum of column 1

in column 1 is 1,4,7, x + 1 


what is the cum of column 1

in colum one is 1,4,7, x + 1 


solve the linear system using substitution or elimination 5x - 5y=-3

It is for algebra 1


Can u help me

I need help on my hw

3 sin 2 z = tan 2x

Proving solution


what is 6 + 6 X 0 + 2

what is 6 + 6 X 0 + 2



i need some homework help with factoring having with to do algebra they include x^2-5x-54=0 x^2-3x-4=6 5x^2+16x+3=0 7x^2+37x+10-0 3x^2+5x-2=0


State the property where Suzy made the mistake. Given: 2 (x + 4) = 18 2x + 4 = 18 2x = 14 x = 7

where is the mistake  a = a Reflexive propertya = b then b = a Symmetric propertya = b and b = c then a= c Transitive property


find the mininmum cost is represented by c= 3x + 2y

on the graph it show (2, 3) and (4, 1)


find the profit of (2, 3) and (4, 1)find the profit of (2, 3) and (4, 1)

find the maximum profit. profit is represented by P = 3x + 4y


what's the formula for finding the area of a rectangle

I just want to know what the formula to find the area of a triangle that is all  


show that TUVW is a parallelogram for a= 19.5 and b= 22

a= 19.5 and b= 22 U= 10a-6 V= (2b+41) ^degrees T= 8a+33 W= (7b-59)^degrees


What ws the ball's intital speed?

Babe Didrikson holds the world record for the longest baseball throw (93.3m) by the woman.  For the folowing question, assume that the ball was thrown at an angle of 50 degrees above the... more


I need help on solving this equation to find x.

what is the complete square of z^2+22z+c

idk how to complete the square any help  z^2+22z+c

if a+b=1000, and 7a+15b=11504, what is value of a and b?

solve for a and b  

the square of a number is 19,what is the number?

heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeee in myyyyy mathhhhhhhhh



Solve for x. 1/(x-3)-2/(3-x)=4/(x^2-9)

What is the decimal for 7/42?

i need help cause i just dont get this.

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