(–2 – c)(–1)

(–2 – c)(–1)


how to find the summ

Find the sum: 1+2+3=...+94 using Gauss's approach Please show how you arrive at this answer

Explain how you would factor the trinomials of the form

1) x^2 + bx + c 2) ax^2 + bx + c Is there more than one way to factor these trinomials? Describe the process of factoring in your own words, and demonstrate the factoring of a trinomial with an... more


Learning Gas Laws, and am confused regarding how to set up the problem to find the correct answer

When using the gas laws and you are given 3 out of the 4 items, how do you know which order to place them in to find the answer for each law? & Is this the same for each law?


help me with this please

Robert works at a car dealership. Each month, he receives a base salary of $1,617.00, plus a commission of $284.00 for each vehicle he sells. Which of the following equations could be used to... more


Find all real-number solutions: x^3-5x^2+8x-4=0

find all real-number solutions 


Algebra I question

a divided by 2 times a-3 minus 5 divided by a squared - 9           a                -                     5     2(a-3)                              a^2-9


how to solve x/x^2-4+1/x^2+2x

This is an algebra I addition problem x divided by x squared minus four PLUS 1 divided by x squared plus two x           x                      +                    1 x^2 -... more


9t+6 ÷t(t+3) = 7÷t +3

Solve proportion    

Distributive property: (2y^2 + 3y - 1)(y^2 + 4y + 5)

2y^2(y^2)   that's all i got down so far


Can you find the regular price of the snowboard if the snowboard at the left is on sale for $12.74. The snowboard is on sale for 60% off?

Can you find the regular price of the snowboard if the snowboard at the left is on sale for $12.74. The snowboard is on sale for 60% off?  I need to know the steps in how to solve this problem  

Scatter plot help!!!

A trend line should always pass through ate least two actual data points on a scatter plot. True or false?.? 

Distributive Property: x(3x^2 - 5x + 8)

x(3x^2 - 5x + 8)


I'm having trouble finding graphing points on a conic parabola.

  I can find the vertex, focus and directrix but I can't find the rest of the points on the graph!


find using law of sines

find using law of sines  < = Angles  <A=32 <C=57 c = 27 a = ???

how do you find the diameter with two given endpoints

the endpoints are (7,-10) and (33,-10)


Discuss the Discontinuity

Discuss the Discontinuity of  f(x) = x+7/x^2-49 non-removable and removable  


A cube has a surface area of 6x^2+48x+96

Find the length of a side. (First factor out the GCF.) The length of the side is what?


Factor the trinomial completely. 2a^3+16a^2+30a

  Select the correct choice below. (a) 2a^3+16a^2+30a=? (b) The trinomial is prime.  


Factor the trinomial. x^2+7x+10

Select the correct choice below. (a) x^2+7x+10=? (b) The trinomial is prime.


Factor the four polynomial by grouping.

x^3+8x^2+8x+64=? (Factor completely.)


Factor. x(x+2)-7(x+2)

Select the correct choice below. (a) x(x+2)-7(x+2)= (b) The expression is not factorable.  


Identify the greatest common factor. Than factor the expression.

x^7-3x^6-3x^5   What is the greatest common factor?    


Identify four common factors of 2x^2+4x

Choose the correct answer below. (a) 1, 2, 2x, 2x^2 (b) 2 ,2x, 4x, x^2 (c) 2, x ,2x, x^2 (d) 1, 2, x, 2x


how do you find the missing variable in a parallelogram

find the value of each variable

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