Find the MacLaurin Series

Find the MacLaurin Series of f(x) = x3sin(x)


What are some good techniques for studying Physiology?

Not sure how to study all this info and get it to stick with me. Right now I am working on the muscle and cardiovascular system.  

Find the Power Series in terms of sigma:

Find the Power Series of f(x) = x^5/(4-x^3) in terms of sigma.

Domain of sqrt(2x^2-7)?

How I find the domain of √(2x2-7)? Please include all steps so I know what I'm doing, because I have no idea how to find the answer. Thanks!

Operations of Functions! (Division) And some other stuff...

How would you solve this f(x)⁄g(x) problem (please include ALL steps and an explanation for each)?   f(x)=(5x+11)/(x2-9) g(x)= (4x-2)/(x2-9)     Also, would the domain end up being (-∞, -3) U... more


if you were to find the cos75°, which formulas could you use? Would you get the same answer using both methods? How would you know?

 if you were to find the cos75°, which formulas could you use? Would you get the same answer using both methods? How would you know?   please explain


The sum of five consecutive even integers is ten more than four times the middle number. Find the integers.

I'm really sorry I made a mistake but, again how do you solve this question and can you please explain?

I need help on finding out how to write the given equation in point-slope form: Through point (-3, -3), perpendicular to y-7/3x+3.

I need help on understanding how to find the solution. All answers will be helpful and I appreciate all of you for your explanations.

The difference between two numbers is 12. The larger number is 6 less than three times the smaller number. Find both numbers

I'm seriously confused and I need help on setting this up. How do you solve it and please explain the steps. 


  Please help me guess how many paperclips are in this jar! Helpful measurements: The Jar: 6.5 litre capacity Length and width of 1 paperclip: 2 x 0.5 inches     If you could help thatd be... more

Write an equation, then solve. A tub holds 32 gallons of water. It is now 4/7 full. How many gallons of water are in the tub?

This is a 5th grade math problem in the section titled fraction word problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

simplify log(x^2)-log(x)

I am doing equivalent logarithms and would like to know how to simplify the following log(x^2)-log(x)


How do I solve 2xsquared - 20x = 8

Please explain how to solve this equation


the question is in the description box

i really need help with my math homework because i have a 26 f in my math class right now. if you could please help me answer my math problems then that would be absolutely amazing!! all i need to... more


Solve algebraically 7x^2/8=2(x-1)

Solve algebraically 7x^2/8=2(x-1)


(x10 - x7)(x3 - 7)

Use the FOIL method to find the product of the binomials. Enter your answer in descending order in the box below. Enter exponents using the caret ( ^ ). For example, you would enter as 4x^2.(x10... more

well why do we only consider direction cosines... why not direction sines,tans..??

what is the actual use of direction cosines... and wht happens actually when we consider direction cosines..please answer in detail..!

mean value theorem problems

does √x(x-1) obey mean value theorem in closed inerval 0,1 .how?



find the points of intersection of parabola and ellipse. find the points of intersection of two ellipse. 


If there was $42.35 in nickels and dimes and there were 3 times as many dimes as nickels how many of each type of coin was collected?

A youth organization collected nickels and dimes for a charity drive. By the end of the 1st day drive the youth had collected 42.35, If there were 3 times as many dimes as nickels how many of each... more


solving application linear equations

if planet one is 29.3 miles farther from the sun than planet two, then planet three is 25.4 miles farther from the sun than planet one. When the total of distances for these three planets from the... more

find the distance . P1=(3,-3); P2=(1,4)

Find the distance. P1=(3,-3);P2=(1,4)


foreign policy and homeland security

 Foreign policy and homeland security discuss theory including pertinent studies and provide real world example in a public policy context


Education policy

Education policy discuss theory including studies and provide real world examples in a public policy context

The flow rate of blood through a 2.00 ? 10-6 m radius capillary is 3.80 ? 10-9 cm3/s.

(a) What is the blood velocity? (This small velocity allows time for diffusion of materials to and from the blood.) (b) Assuming all the blood in the body passes through capillaries, how many of... more

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