what is 8x-9z+3>8x-(15-8x)

how to work problem

I need help finding optimal value, solution, slack/surplus.

Maximize 40X + 50Y + 80Z Total ProfitSubject to X + Y + Z > 1000 Total quantity required X + 3 Y + 2 Z ≤ 3000 Resource 1 2X + Y + 2Z ≤ 2500 Resource 2 And X, Y, Z ≥ 0Where X, Y, and Z... more

What is the value of 5 to the negative log5 squared?



Definition of tangent

I need definitions


The question is in the description

A jar contains 5 blue marbles, 8 red marbles, 4 white marbles, and 3 purple marble suppose you pick one at random. Find the probability of drawing a red, then white marble, if the 1st one is but back. more


what is 0/3 simplified

the answer is:   Simplifyingx + 2 = 3x + -1x2 + 5Reorder the terms:2 + x = 3x + -1x2 + 5Reorder the terms:2 + x = 5 + 3x + -1x2Solving2 + x = 5 + 3x + -1x2Solving for variable 'x'.Reorder the... more

Find the exact value of sin 11?/12.

I'm stuck on this problem.

Earth Science c/o living organism

If I was looking through a microscope of a drop of pond water and I see an organism that has a cell wall and two flagellea, what would be two things a scientist would look for to determine if it... more


Earth Science c/o taxonomy

Taxonomy for domestic cat:       Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:      Chordata Class:         Mannalia Order:       Carnivora Family:      Felidae Genus:    Felis Species:   catus   (note: ... more


Earth Science c/o aerobe and anarobe ancd chlorine dioxide

Bad breath is caused by bacteria.  Mouthwashes tha contain chlorine dioxide (C10 2) are often used to kill these bacteria.  When chlorine dioxide decomposes it releases oxygen.  Based on this... more


Earth Science c/o decay

when corn is harvested, corn stalks are left in the field.  They will decay.  Would thte decaying corn stalks be considered part of the biotic or abiotic environment?  Why or why not?


Earth Science c/o plants

1.  what is the function of small root hairs that branch off the main root from a tap root   2.  on a magnified cross section of a root, what function does the xylem play in the life of a plant. ... more

5/6 - 3/4 =?

i have a problem solving this 


15b²c * 2ac³ / 3bc²

A question about algebra, include working out please.

Is it reasonable to imagine that undimensioned points make up dimensioned lines and also planes?

HiAs defined in geometry, points have no dimension, but how may it be imagined such points with no length no width and no thickness make up lines having length or planes having length and width as... more


Use the fundamental identities to simplify :9/tanx2+1

please answer in detail

math question week 8 part 4

Explain how do you find the inverse of a point.For example, what is the inverse of (0,2) and (-6,0).

math question week 8 part 3

What are the steps to find the inverse of a function equation?For example, what is the inverse of f(x) = 2x -7?

Factoring Trinomials: I need a walkthrough of factoring the trinomials.

x2+11x+28 I have no clue how to factor them, but I know how to find a,b, and c.

exact value of cos ?/12

Use a half angle identity to find the exact value of Cos Π/12

how many complete seasons can the team play without repeating a line-up?

There are nine different positions on a baseball team. If a team has 12 players how many different line-ups can the team make? answer: 79833600   PLEASE SOLVE THIS QUESTION Baseball games... more

Solve the following question

How many ways are there to select 11 countries in the United Nations to serve on a council if 1 is selected from a block of 51, 1 are selected from a block of 68 and 9 are selected from the... more

simplify using fundamental identities......4cosXtanX

Use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression

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