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what ordered pairs are the solution of the line y − 2x = 6?

math is my worst subject totally failing school currently any help would be appreciated... it is a multiple choice question with these choices.(2, 2)(0, -3)(-3, 0)(1, -3)

Calculus question dealing with physics

A ball is shot from the ground straight up into the air with initial velocity of 45 ft/sec. Assuming that the air resistance can be ignored, how high does it go?Hint: The acceleration due to... more

Creating Rational Functions Question

Here is our scenario: “A ‘leaf-peeper’ drives 90 miles along a scenic highway through a forest mixed with maples, oaks and birch, to admire the fall foliage. The colors are amazing, and it is... more

Algebra b1 story problems

W Auburn Locker selling wrapping papers for a school fundraiser customer can buy rolls of plain wrapping paper in rolls of shiny wrapping paper Wilbur sold three rolls of plain wrapping paper and... more

Math Calculus question

A chain lying on the ground is 10 ft long and weighs 110 lbs. How much work is required to raise one end of the chain to a height of 7ft?

A pipeline is to be constructed...

A pipeline is to be constructed between points A and B on opposite sides of a river, as shown in the figure. To determine the amount of pipe needed, using a theodolite at point A, a right... more

A climber who needs to estimate...

A climber who needs to estimate the height of a cliff stands at a point on the ground L = 60 feet from the base of the cliff and estimates that the angle F from the ground to a line extending from... more

ellipse, Thank you!

A certain bridge arch is in the shape of the top half of an ellipse 126 feet wide and 32 feet high. At what horizontal distance from the center of the arch is the height equal to 14.2 feet? Give... more


Social Theories course

From Marxian cultural theory, Structuralists analyses of culture, Feminist critiques ofpatriarchal culture, Post structural deconstructions of dominant discourses, and micro-level group analyses of... more


Use the table to find lower and upper estimates for..

30 f(x) dx.10 lower estimate     upper estimate     x 10 14 18 22 26 30 f(x) −10 −8 −4 2 6 7

What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (−3,4) and has a slope of 1?

I have a question like this on a worksheet for homework, but, i cannot find the answer

ellipse, please help

Find the standard form for the equation of a circle(x−h)^2+(y−k)^2=r^2with a diameter that has endpoints (−6,8) and (9,3).


consumer mathematic problem--confused!!

You wish to establish a college fund for your child. You deposit $100 every month into an annuity for 18 years. The money earns 5 3/8% interest compouded monthly. Find the future value of the... more

how much would the machinist have to lower the temperature (in °C) of the rod to make it fit the hole?

A machinist wishes to insert a steel rod with a diameter of 9 mm into a hole with a diameter of 8.998 mm. By how much would the machinist have to lower the temperature (in °C) of the rod to make it... more

How do I ensure my college application sets me apart? What do I need to do to be the strongest college applicant possible?

For students looking for help distinguishing themselves in the college application process, including the Common App, personal statements, supplemental essays, etc.


Please help me with this chemistry question!

Use Hess's Law to completeShow all the steps2 C (s) + 2 H2 (g) = C2H4 (g) 1) C (s) + O2 (g) -------> CO2 (g) Delta H= -393.5 kJ2) H2 (g) + 1/2 O2 (g) -------> H2O (i) Delta H=... more


Mean Value Theorem

Suppose f(x) = 1/x. Then Show that the Mean Value Theorem is not satisfied on (-1,1).


please help me HURRY I need the answer

A student placed 50.0 Ml of 2.05 mol/L NaOH in a coffee cup calorimeter at 20.4 degress celcius, and added 50.0 mL of 1.20 mol/L H2SO4 also at 20.4 degrees Celsius. After quickly stirring the... more

Perimeter of a rectangular swimming pool

The width of a rectangle swimming pool is 7 metres. It's length is twice the width, what is the perimeter of the swimming pool.


How do I solve this?

Ray B is the Perpendicular Bisector of AC. What is the Perimeter of Triangle ABC?


Algebra Question

A store has two types of animal feed available. Type A contains  pounds of oats and 1pound of corn per bag. Type B contains  pounds of oats and 3pounds of corn per bag. A farmer wants to combine... more


Algebra 2 question

Mai, Tony, and Goran have a total of $53 in their wallets. Tony has $7 more than Mai. Goran has 2 times what Tony has. How much do they have in their wallets?
1 3 4 5 6 7 9834

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