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Word Problem Answers

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the number of books Jason has is 34 fewer than 3/5 if the number of books mr Perez has. They have a total of 2566 books altogether. How many books does Jason have?

In a recent year, companies spent a total of $89.8 billion on newspaper, television, and radio ads. The total amount spent on television and radio ads was only$3.0 billion more than the amount spent...

The start up division made 80% of 1/2 of the established division. The start up divisions growth was 1/3 greater than the established divisions. if the divisions made $280,000 combined, how much did...

the formula L=p[1-(1+(r/n)-nt)/(r/n)] gives the amount of a long L in terms of the amounts of each payment P, the intrest rate is r, the number of payments per year n, and the number of years...

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