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Word Problem Answers

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A stone mason has enough stones to enclose a rectangular patio with a perimeter of 60ft, assuming that the attached house forms one side of the rectangle. What is the maximum area that the mason can...

As compared to its first year of operation, ABC Company grew 8% in the second year and an additional 2% per year for the next two years. If total growth for years 2-4 was $45,000 over the first year’s...

A roofer requires 16 hours to shingle a roof, while an apprentice requires 24 hours. How long would it take to shingle the roof if both worked together?

A plane has a speed of 300 miles per hour in still air. The plane travels a distance of 660 miles with a tail wind in the same time it takes to travel 540 miles into a head wind. Find the speed of...

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