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A pool 8 ft wide and 25 ft long was being filled with water at 10 am the depth of the water was 2ft at 3am the depth of the water was 5ft. What volume of water was added at 10 am?

a glass paperweight has a composite shape: a square pyramid fitting exactly on top of an 8-centimeter cube. the pyramid has a height of 3 centimeters.each triangle face has a height of 5 centimeters...

We partially grate a carrot. We represent the root as a cylinder: x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 = 1 from z = 0 to a height of 15cm. We represent the rasp as the plane: x + y + z = 6. Calculate the volume...

A load of topsoil has a volume of 7.5 m squared. You wish to spread the topsoil over an area measuring (30x + 22.5) meters squared. Create an expression for the depth of the topsoil.

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