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Answers by Naina B.

Energy comes from food, it stores potential energy that is transformed in another form of potential energy that cells in human body can store.   Sometimes it is stored as glycogen in muscle and is transformed to kinetic energy of motion for humans to walk/run/bike/swim/jump etc.   Other...

Hi Kelly,   Primarily lymphatic system makes lymph and fights the infection to keep blood and the entire body "clean" or free of infection.    However, it also participates in maintaining fluid balance.    Hope this helps. 

    Hi Haydee,   ______Blood____________ is found in the heart, and one of its functions is to ______transport nutrients to the tissues____________.   Heart is made of cardiac tissue and therefore correct answer is e.   Best.

Anna,   You may cite it simply in a lecture, but if you are submitting an article for publication or writing a dissertation then every citation has to come from a peer-reviewed article. A random quote from Google collection might not be  permissible.   Best,