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Answers by Mark Z.

solve: 2/x=12 (answer)

Multiply both sides by x: 2 = 12x. Divide by 12 on both sides to isolate our variable x: 2/12 = x Reducing this fraction by factoring 2 out of top and bottom, we get x = 1/6.

This question uses what's called the Zero Product Property. It means that if (a)(b) = 0, then either a is 0 or b is 0. (They could both be zero too).   So then, y-3 = 0 or y -6 = 0. Can you finish the problem now?

Without any other information, there's nothing you do to simplify this, since a,b,c, and d are all different variables. Is this the entire question?

4(3-2x)=-44 (answer)

First, let's distribute the left hand side: 4*3 - 4*2x = -44 12 - 8x = -44 Next, isolate our variable. We're going to do this by subtracting 12 from both sides of the equation. -8x = -44 - 12 = -56. Lastly, divide by -8 on both sides to get x completely alone...