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Answers by Hector G.

False. A trend line is based on a regression analysis. The general rule of thumb is to have your trend line as close as possible to all data points, and with equal number of points above and below it.

Use the following properties to form your equations and determine the unknown variables. 1. Opposite sides are parallel and equal in length 2. Opposite angles are equal 3. Sum of adjacent angles = 180o Hope this helps. Good Luck !  

For a surface, z =f(x,y) Eqn. of tangent plane at a point (x',y',z') is given by fx(x',y')(x-x') + fy(x',y')(y-y') - (z-z') = 0    where fx and fy are partial derivatives  Once you have the equation use x=0 and y=0 to get your z intercept.  Hope this helps...