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Answers by Sasha Z.

proportions (answer)

All you need to do is set up a series of equal proportions. To find the number of cat owners, solve 18/27 = x/18, because you know that the cat owners are coming from the 18 total pet owners, and you know that cat owners and pet owners are in an 18-to-27 ratio as stated in the question. You find...

Start by calculating the number of moles of Na(OH) that you have. You've got a concentration of .210 M, meaning .21 moles per liter, and you've got 15 mL (.015 L). Solve the equation: .21 mol/1 L = x mol/.015 L, and you get .00315 mole of Na(OH). The problem states that each mole of Na(OH) reacts...