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Answers by Lawrence D.

In the numerator, square everything inside the parentheses:  122 = 144; then recall that when you raise a power to a power, you multiply.  So (x2)2 = x4, and (y6)2 = y12.  So now you have 144x4y12  /  8x4y7 Now divide the numerator by the denominator:  144/8 (then...

Set up the problem with the fractions side by side, then multiply straight across from left to right, both in the numerator then the denominator.  Write the resulting fraction.  Then remember what you do when you divide exponents of similar unknowns?  (you subtract them)  It...

Solve x^5(2x)^3 (answer)

x5 (2x)3 First cube (2x):  23 = 2 * 2 * 2 = 8 * x3 = 8x3  Then remember what you do when you multiply exponents:  x5 * 8x3   (You add them)

Solve 4x^3/2x (answer)

Remember that in 2x, the x has an exponent of 1.  Then recall how you divide exponents:  4x3  / 2x1   The rest is just straight arithmetic.

Is this equation meant to read 6 = 8 +i ?  (lower case I)  Or is I meant to be an unknown quantity?  (like X)