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Answers by Steven D.

none of the answers are correct . . are you sure you wrote the equation out correctly. Please check your problem to ensure you wrote everything correctly. Otherwise, the equation is calculated as such 2x=4y-50 then insert the y value of 1-5x into the first equation 2x=4(1-5x)-50 then multiply...

1/4(x+1/2)- 2/3(x-1/6)- ½ 1/4x+1/8-2/3x+2/18-1/2 Rearrange to combine the x’s and the numbers to make it easier to add and subtract 1/4x-2/3x+1/8+1/9(this is 2/18 reduced)-1/2 You must find a common denominator before you can add or subtract, so the common denominator for the x variable...

-7+28m=26m-39 Add 39 to both sides 32+28m=26m Then subtract 28m from both sides 32=-2m Then divide both sides by -2 -16=m