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Answers by Michelle S.

solve X=v110-x (answer)

Brit, Is that supposed to be a square root or a v in front of the 110?  Also, I think everyone here is perplexed at why there would be a X and a x.  If a v is before 110 that confuses us also.  Are you given any more information at all?   Michelle

5m+3k-2m+5k (answer)

The expression can be simplified by combining like terms. 5m-2m=3m 3k+5k=8k So, the expression would now read:  3m+8k. If there is nothing else specified with this problem you are finished.  

The only other thing you need to know that I did not explain in your multiplication question is the way to divide fractions.  Dividing fractions = multiplying fractions by flipping the numerator and denominator in the second fraction.   So, 18x7 -  divided by  2x7y4   ...

First, simplify the expressions by factoring them out.  For example, a2 + 7a + 6 becomes (a + 6) (a+1).   If you do this, the fraction then looks like this:   (a+6) (a+1)     times     (a +4) (a -2) (a+5)(a-2)...