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Answers by Asha B.

Hi! First you need to put these in y=mx+b form.  2x - 5y = -16 Subtract both sides by (2x), giving you -5y= -16-2x Divide by both sides by (-5) to get y by itself, giving you y= (16/5) + (2/5)x 4x - 10y= -16 Follow the same steps: first subtract by (4x), giving...

1s2 2S2 SP5 (answer)

Flourine :) Using the periodic table helps this webpage of a periodic table with the electron configurations may help you Good luck!  

You can accomplish this in a couple ways.  Without calculator: make a set of data points by inputting values (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2) for x to figure out the corresponding value for y. After you plot the points. For an example: y=5x so the data set would be: (-2, -10) (-1, 5) (0,0), (1, 5),...

3x/4-2x/3=1/2 (answer)

Hi so I think if this is you question: 3x/(4-2x)/3 = (1/2), then solving for x: 1.)Multiply both sides by 3, giving you 3x/(4-2x)= 2/3 Break down: multiplying the left side of the equation removes the 3. (1/2)*3 = 2/3 2.) Now you have 3x/(4-2x)= 2/3 so you can cross multiply...