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The slope of a line (m) is defined as rise (change in y values) over run (change in x values). Mathematically, the slope can be described as:  m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1) For this question, you can label the points 1 (6,9) and 2 (-3,9). This means that x1=6, y1=9, x2=-3, and y2=9. From there,...

Hi Rhonda! To deal with the 1 in this integral, you can break up the original integral as follows: ∫[1+√(9-x^2)]dx = ∫1dx + ∫√(9-x^2)dx *Note: I have indicated these as indefinite integrals because there is no way to nicely format definite integrals on here. From...

3(-k-4)+6=k=7 (answer)

If the equation is as written and the two equal signs are not typing errors, the equation would be considered unsolvable or false.  If this is a typo, I can show you how to solve for the variable 'k' if you post the corrected form of the equation.