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Answers by Uma L.

(Yx2)+8=Y+12 (answer)

(Yx2)+8=Y+12 2Y + 8 = Y + 12 Subtract  Y from boths sides 2Y -Y + 8 = Y  - Y + 12 Y + 8 = 12 Subtract 8 form both sides Y + 8 -8 = 12 - 8 Y = 4    

3x+8=2x+48 (answer)

Wrong Question. Where did  point F come from?  You said ABC and EBD are pair of verticle angles. And then question went on givin some new angle EBF , but we do not know where point F is? The way you gave the above question is not correct.

d+ 2d - 8 = 0 (answer)

First place the equation i the standard format of ax2+bx+c. Your equation d2 + 2d - 8 = 0 is already in this format. Cool, now you need to find the product of the end terms (ac) = (1)(-8) = -8 Find the factos of -8 so that their sum adds up to the center term (b)= 2 (-4) X 2...

You have two unknown variables (x and y) The question probably asked to solve for both or x or y. In any case you need TWO equations, since there are two unknowns. The question is therefore incomplete without a second equation What is the complete question?