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Answers by Debra S.

b-(-65)=15 (answer)

b-(-65)=15 To begin, remember that the minus signs will cancel each other out making the equation b+65=15 Now simplify: 65-65=0 15-65=-50 giving us the answer: b= -50

Tho find the area of a rectangle,  we multiply  width * height.  So, in this problem we need to multipy 5/9ft*5/54 ft.  Remember, when you multiply fractions, you multiply straight across and then simplify if needed.  So: 5*5=25 and 9*54= 486  Giving us...

y+4/5=3/4 To solve this you need to find the lowest commmon denominator.  the LCD for 5 and 4 is 20.  So now that we have the LCD, we need to adjust the numerators (the top numbers in the fractions) by multiplying: 4/5*4/4 = 16/20 Always multiply the numerator by the same...