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Answers by Thomas E.

The length of the garden is 24, the width is x.  The area is 24x The length of the garden and sidewalk is 24+2(5)=34, the width is x + 2(5) = x+10.  The area is 34(x+10)=34x+340   To find the area of the sidewalk we find the total area and subtract...

There are a number of ways to reach the number 4.  But in simple terms, if 2 always go across, 1 must come back, so it must take 4 trips to get everyone over.

-9=-h/12+5 (answer)

-9 = -h/12 + 5  subtract 5 from both sides   -14 = -h/12  multiply both sides -12   168 = h

We need to find the distance the train travels, and since we know its speed we can then calculate the time.   Convert 40 degrees to radians  40/180 = x/Pi   x = 2/9*Pi  and multiply this by the radius to get the distance and convert to miles   2/9*pi*1800...

Let x = amt of the 40% alloy and 120-x =amt of the 80% alloy   .40(x) + .80(120-x) = .70(120)   -.40(x) + 96 = 84   -.4x = -12   x = 30kg of 40% alloy, 90kg of 80% alloy

Trig question (answer)

(x+h)2 - (x-h)2 = x2 +2xh + h2 - (x2 -2xh +h2) = 4xh then divide by 2h and get 2x

The vertex form of Quadratic equation is:   y = a(x-h)2 + k  where (h,k) is the vertex (which is also the min or max) and a is the dilation/reflection factor   For the first problem, the vertex is (-2,0), it opens up (because a is positive), it is compressed by...

8a+a-3=6a-2a-3?? (answer)

For the 1st one, combine your like terms on each side and then slolve for x   9a - 3 = 4a - 3  Subtract 41 from both sides and add 3 to both sides   5a = 0   a=0   For the second problem, if we divide both sides by (m+2) we get m+3...