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If you stack the two equations, you can easily add like items:       -6x + 4 x^2 + x - 5 x^2 -5x - 1

To my knowledge, you cannot create a "new" review in WyzAnt, but you can ammend your original review of your tutor. Each lesson you take with your tutor allows you to score him or her on a 1-5 star scale. The written review of your tutor is like your overall "grade" of him or...

I do AFCT prep (the active-duty version of the ASVAB) and there are no calculators allowed on either. It is a test of problem solving ability but also in basic math skills-multiplication, division, etc.  

stocks and bond (answer)

The problem with this question is that the coupon amount is not included. The coupon amount is the "interest rate" on the bond. The bond has a face value which is the "principle" on the loan to the corporation. I assume from this question that the face value is $90? We would...