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what is 12x*3x? (answer)

Hi Natalie, Multiply your coefficient first and then your variable x and raise it to the correct power: 12x * 3x = (12 * 3)(x * x) = 36x^2 Hope that helps. Jim

Hi Morgan, Converting parametric equation to a cartesian equation or rectangular form involves solving for t in terms of x and then plugging this into the y equation.  Therefore, t=x+3 y = (x+3)^2 + 5 y = x^2+6x + 9 + 5 y= x^2 + 6x + 14   Hope...

Hi Lorna, This equation shows interest is equal to principal X rate X time. Therefore, Interest = $5,000 X 5.5%/year X 2 years = $550. This assumes simple interest with no compounding. Jim