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Answers by Barbara W.

An equation that includes a radical (squareroot) would have more than one solution.  Sqrt 4 has two solutions, 2 (e.g. 2*2=4) and -2 (e.g. -2*-2=4). Use Sqrt in a division expression.   Sqrt 4 / 2 = ?   The answers are 1 and -1. You could be creative and...

12p+15c>360 (answer)

In the answer provided by Cornelia M., it is assumed that p=x and c=y.  You would label the x axis "p" and the y axis "c".  Point (0,24) would have p=0 and c=24.  Point (30,0) would have p=30 and c=0. This is the "solution" to the equation,...