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Answers by Stephen H.

Proportions are ratios. A ratio is simply one dimension divided by another. Example is Width/Length. Mrs. Stearns most likely wishes the Width/Length ratio for her new photocopy to stay the same as old one. 1) Width (old)/Length (old)= Width (new)/Length (new)...this is the form of the calculation...

1) Given: 2x-2= 4x+6 a) Add 2 to both sides of equation. b) 2x-2+2=4x+6+2 c) Simplify to get 2x=4x+8 d) Now get rid of the 4x on the right by subtracting 4x from both sides. e) 2x-4x=4x+8-4x f) Simplify to get -2x=8 g) Now get rid of the -2...

Use a step by step approach and it helps to number the lines. 1) Given:4x + 13y = 40 2) Given:4x + 3y = -40 3) Modify one of the equations to express one of the variables (x or y) in terms of the other. Line 1) can be re-arranged to the form below. 4) x=10-13/4y 5) Substitute the expression for x...

The quadratic formula provides a step by step means to find the roots of a second order polynomial of the form Ax^2+Bx+C=0. It always works the same way and is easy to follow. The quadratic formula calculates 2 roots x1 & x2, often written x1,2 x1=(-B+SQRT(B^2-4AC))/2A. X2=(-B-SQRT(B^2-4AC))/2A

A=bh A=45b=15 (answer)

The A=bh looks like Area = Base X Height which is the formula for the area of a rectangle (or parallelogram). Assuming that then the Area is given as 45 and the Base is given as 15, the Height could then be found as 45/15=3.