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For this question you need the formula for the Volume for a conical frustum which is V= pi(H)/3(R2+Rr+r2) where H is the height R is the bottom radius r is the top radius   In this question you were given all except the standing height. Since you were given the...

Slope Question (answer)

Pick two points on the line, like (-1,0) and (-1, 5) m = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1) m= (5 - 0) / (-1 - -1) m= 5/0 5/0 is undefined, because you can't divide by zero. So the slope of the line is undefined, and the line is vertical. Hope that helped, please vote if it did :)

Equation answer (answer)

Let Selling price be S=$12 Let Cost price be C=$5 Let Labor Cost be L=$230 Let number of pizza,n=85   Equation: Profit = (no. of pizza x (Selling Cost- Cost Price))- Labor Cost Profit=85x($12-$5)-$230 Profit=($85x$7)-$230 Profit = $365   You...