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Answers by Svetlana K.

it's gonna be 4 different linear equations: x>0, y>0: y+x=2, y=2-x x>0, y<0: -y+x=2, y=x-2 x<0, y>0: y-x=2, y=x+2 x<0, y<0: -y-x=2, y=2-x

y=-5x+9 and y=-5x-21 The same slope for both equations (-5) which means these 2 lines are parallel 

solve as a system of 2 equations. extract value of x from the 1st equation: 2x+4y=11 2x=11-4y x=5.5-2y plug this value of x in second equation: -5x+3y=5 -5(5.5-2y)+3y=5 -27.5+10y+3y=5 -27.5+13y=5 13y=32.5 y=2.5 x=5.5-2y=5.5-2*5=0...