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Answers by Arthur D.

29Helppppp (answer)

m=# of members 30m=(m-10)*40 30m=40m-400 30m-40m=-400 -10m=-400 m=40 members to begin with 40*$30=$1200

Number 28 help (answer)

d=r*t 354=r*3+(r+14)*3 354=3r+3r+42 354-42=6r 312=6r r=312/6 r=52 mph r+14=66 mph

Maths Problem 3 (answer)

this is an example of inverse proportionality 8=k/520 k=8*520 k=4160 days=4160/832  (520+312=832) days=5 or,... xy has to be constant 520*8=832*d 4160=832*d 4160/832=d 5=d again    

Maths Problem 4 (answer)

the distance traveled does not matter because they are the same coming and going let's choose 120 miles for our distance d=r*t 120=60*t (going) t=2 hours 120=40*t (returning) t=3 hours total distance=rate*total time (120+120)=rate*(2+3) 240=rate*5 rate=240/5 rate=48...

2i(5-i)^2 2i(25-10i+i2) 2i(25-10i-1)   (i2=-1) 2i(24-10i) 48i-20i2 48i+20   3(5+2i^3)-i(7i^2+4i) 3(5-2i)-i(-7+4i) because i^3=i*i^2=i*(-1)=-i 15-6i+7i-4i2 15-6i+7i+4 because i^2=-1 19+i  ...

probabiity (answer)

part 1... 13 diamonds+3 kings (the king of diamonds is included in the 13 diamonds and you can't count it twice) 16/52=4/13 or... 13 diamonds+4 kings-1 king of diamonds=16 again   part 2... jack of hearts, jack of diamonds, queen of hearts, queen of diamonds,...

[(30)(8.4)-S]/29=8.5 [252-S]=246.5 252-246.5=S 5.5=S [(30)(8.4)-L]/29=8.2 [252-L]=237.8 252-237.8=L 14.2=L 14.2-5.5=8.7 which is E

(-8a^3b)^(1/3) is the numerator -8 is -2 cubed take out -2 and a from the radicand leaving b inside (-2a)*(3√b) is the numerator (27b^10)^(1/3) is the denominator 27 is 3 cubed and b^10=b^9*b take out 3 and b^3 from the radicand leaving b inside (3*3*3=27 and b3*b3*b3=b9) 3b3*(3√b)...

distance=rate*time total distance=rate*total time You can't add the two rates and divide by two because the time going and the time coming back are different. The distance does not matter because it is the same coming and going. Because the distance does not matter, we can use an...

solve problem (answer)

115.3º go counterclockwise 360º and then go counterclockwise 115.3º to get 115.3+360=475.3º add another 360º to get 360+475.3=835.3º go clockwise 360-115.3=244.7º to get -244.7º go clockwise another 360 to get -360+(-244.7)=-604.7º

distance=rate*time d=r*(2.7) for Eugene d=(r+16.1)*2 for Jose 2.7r=2(r+16.1) 2.7r=2r+32.2 0.7r=32.2 7r=322 r=46 km per hour for Eugene r+16.1=46+16.1=62.1 km per hour for Jose

word problems (answer)

m=mother's age s=son's age m=s2 m-1=7(s-1) substitute s2-1=7(s-1) s2-1=7s-7 s2-1-7s+7=0 s2-7s+6=0 factor (s-6)(s-1)=0 s-6=0 s=6 m=62=36 the mother is 36 and the son is 6 one year ago their ages were 35 and 5 and 35 is 7*5