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Need help asap.. (answer)

#25 to get you started... find the sum of every integer from 1 to 1000 that is not a perfect square find the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 1000 and then subtract the sum of all the squares from 1 to 1000 the sum of the first n consecutive numbers is found by using the formula n(n+1)/2 1000(1001)/2=500(1001)=500,500 you...

find the arithmetic mean of the first "n" natural numbers look at the pattern: (1+2)/2=3/2=1.5 and the next natural number is 3 and 3/2=1.5 (1+2+3)/3=6/3=2 and the next natural number is 4 and 4/2=2 (1+2+3+4)/4=10/4=2.5 and the next natural number...

Combinations (answer)

(n,k)=n!/k!(n-k)! (n,n-k)=n!/(n-k)!(n-[n-k])!           =n!/(n-k)!(n-n+k)!           =n!/(n-k)!k!           =n!/k!(n-k)! after rearranging f...

Math question (answer)

g(x)=√3x g(a)=6 g(a)=√3a 6=√3a square both sides 36=3a a=36/3 a=12  

draw the triangle the left base angle is 75º and the right base angle is 45º draw the height and call it h the base is 600 m the height divides the triangle into two right triangles the one on the right is an isosceles right triangle (45-45-90) the base of the triangle on...

let x=amount of the 95% mixture needed 30%(25)+95%(x)=90%(25+x) 0.3(25)+0.95(x)=0.9(25+x) 7.5+0.95x=22.5+0.9x 0.95x-0.9x=22.5-7.5 0.05x=15 5x=1500 x=1500/5 x=300 mL is needed of the 95% mixture

$3000+$800=$3800 total income 3000/3800=30/38=15/19=0.7894737...=78.9473% for the husband (78.95% rounded) 800/3800=8/38=4/19=0.2105263...=21.0526% for the wife (21.05% rounded)

2sin43cos43 (answer)

2sinθcosθ=sin2θ 2sin43cos43 θ=43º sin2(43º)=sin86º sin86º=0.99756405026

24y^4+4y^3-8y^2=0 6y^4+y^3-2y^2=0 y^2(6y^2+y-2)=0 y^2(3y+2)(2y-1)=0 y^2=0 y=0 3y+2=0 3y=-2 y=-2/3 2y-1=0 2y=1 y=1/2 y=0 (double root), y=-2/3, y=1/2

there are 3 answers ! 30x^3=3x^2+6x 30x^3-3x^2-6x=0 10x^3-x^2-2x x(10x^2-x-2)=0 x(5x+2)(2x-1)=0 x=0 5x+2=0 5x=-2 x=-2/5 2x-1=0 2x=1 x=1/2 x=1/2, x=-2/5, x=0