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First, this is not a continuous growth problem. It is a linear with a constant rate of change.   a12 = a1 + 11d a12 = 0.5 + 11(0.25)   Can you complete?

Geology has to do with the physical structure of the earth (geo in Greek), its substances, history, and forces that act upon it. Not much about living things.

Working backward (answer)

As you say, working backwards: Before C Brad had 2 php (what's a php?) Before B Brad had 4 php Before A brad had 8 php   Check Before A 8, spend 4 Before B 4, spend 2 Before C 2, spend 1 One left over

In Aesop's fables the olive tree boasts that it keeps it's leave throughout the year while the fig tree becomes naked in the winter. The olive tree is hit by lightening and consumed.  Moral: boasting can lead to unexpected disaster. Aphthonius has a version in which the olive tree is...

A ratio problem (answer)

3x + x + 2x = 300 6x = 300 x = 50   150 : 50 : 100   Considering the ration given fours spots being twice two spots is impossible.