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Answers by Violetta A.

Let time = x identify velocity for both ants. first ant has the velocity 139.61/23 =6.07 cm/min the second ant has velocity 88/1.6 =55cm/min they both traveled the same time the equation will look: 6.07x +55x =150.41 solve for x 

Find the rate (answer)

Let x to be his hiking rate and x+10 is his riding rate 12/10+x + 8/x = 5 solve for x 12x+8(10+x)/x(10+x)=5 12x+80+8x=5x(10+x) 5x^2+30x-80=0 x^2+6x-16=0 x=2 miles per hour hiking rate, 12m/hr is his riding rate  

It is parabola looking down and has the maximum, find the vertex of equation.(p,R) vertex = -b/2a just substitute fro your equation -1900/2(-1/2) = 1900 it is your x for vertex put it in your equation and calculate: R= -1/2(1900)^2 +1900x1900 = -1805000 + 3610000= 1805000 price...

X is the amount of soybean meal Y is the amount of corn bean meal X+Y = 280 0.14X + 0.07Y = 0.13x280 solve the system by multiplying the first equation by 0.14 0.14X+.14Y =39.2 substruct the second from the first   .07Y =2.8 Y =40 lb X =...

Word Problem (answer)

X is the amount to be mixed 0.1x + 100% (16-x) = 16x 0.14  0.1x + (16-x) = 6.4