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Answers by Marion L.

Evaluate 8x2 when x=4. What is being tested is if you know that the squared symbol relates only to the x, and not also to the 8. So, the expression 8x2 means 8xx, or (8)(4)(4) which equals 128. Instead, if you were asked to evaluate (8x)2 , that would mean that everything in the...

1/2x=12 ??? (answer)

The problem is to solve for x when 1/2x=12. First, think about how 1/2x could be rewritten:        1/2x = (1/2)(x/1) = x/2 So, in this problem, x/2 =12. Now, multiply each side by 2. The result is x=24.

Another way to look at this problem: Let's look at the second situation first. The 3 test scores Sergio kept resulted in an average of 80 points. That means that those 3 test scores must add up to 240 (3X80). Now, let's look at the first situation. The 4 test scores gave him an average...