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The formula for volume of a rectangular prism is length x width x height. So, with these measurements, the volume would be (5x2)(4x3)(2x4). To simplify, you would multiply the coefficients and add the exponents. This gives 40x9.

Hi Lola, I don't have experience with New York state testing, but I found these websites that may give you some information about what you will need to know for the math test and english tests.

Not quite that low. One and 1/2 hundredths can be written 0.015 as one hundredth is 0.01 and half of one hundredth is 0.005. Thus one and 1/2 hundredths of one percent is 0.015*1% which equals 0.015%.  .15% is more accurately represented by 0.15*1% which is one and 1/2 tenths of one...

Since the x-coordinate is the number of years a company I has been in operation, where x = 4 would be the 4th year. That point is given explicitly, no quadratic regression necessary. It corresponds to the y-coordinate 4.2 which is profit in millions. So, the answer should be D, 4.2 million.

-2(r+6)=r-18 (answer)

First, I would distribute the -2 to get -2r - 12 = r - 18. Then get all the terms with variables to the same side by adding 2r to both sides. -2r - 12 + 2r = r - 18 + 2r This simplifies to -12 = 3r - 18. Now add 18 to both sides to get all the constant terms on the same side...

I would also start by a getting the variable "a" in the numerator by multiplying both sides by 4a. We don't want to solve for 1/a, but for a.  When dealing with equations, anything you do to one side, you have to do to the other side with the exception of multiplying my 1. Before...