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Answers by Joan L.

Gas law question (answer)

Because the compound is an oxide it contains only nitrogen and oxygen.  The % oxygen in the compound is 100-25.9% =74.1% Remember in empirical formula we can treat the % as having 100g of the compound, there would be 25,9 g nitrogen and 74.1 g oxygen. Steps in empirical formula 1...

-5/6 +(-5/18)=? (answer)

Rewrite fractions with the same denominator (preferably the lowest factor for both numbers.  This is 18 in his case. -5/6 + (-5/18) = -15/18 + (-5/18) Now that we have done that we can add the numerators  and place the answer over the denominator. -15 + (-5) = -20/18 The...