What is tactile defensiveness?

Does your child refuse to be touched, caressed, hugged, or kissed? Does your child have a bad response to some clothing materials, gets angry when the clothes tags rub on his skin, refuses to wear... more

Please Help I Don’t Understand

An electrician has 6 feet of wire. He cuts the wire into pieces that are 1/2 of a foot in length. How many pieces of wire is he able to cut? Include a model and equation with your answer.


Ni or o in sentence based on ningún?

No vengo muy bien preparado. Pues, no tengo ningún libro __ un lápiz.a. y     b. ni      c. o       d. e         e. u

Why should I learn Executive Function Skills during the summer when I have no school?

When you aren't in school your mind is more relaxed and open to learning the very skills you need to succeed in college. Without the stress you can learn fabulous techniques and train your brain... more

How can I stop procrastinating when I need to study for a test?

Do you find that you cram before a test and your body sends you messages that this isn't the best idea? Well, that's because it isn't. New research shows that just studying 10-15 minutes a day on... more


Translate "some number minus -15. Let y be the unknown variable.

I just need this translated, cannot find any help in my book.

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