He will do it for me ( change Into negative)

He will do it for me ( change Into negative)

What is Life Science?

Life science refers to the study of living organisms including, microbes, human beings, animals, fungi, and plants.I am adding a question for our elementary science students. I added a response... more

Is a comma required after the word "differently"?

It is known that governments and economics function uniquely across states and serve their populations differently, and that some are easier to maintain given the nature of their populations.Is a... more


Pride and prejudice

If you could step into this book, what is the first thing that you would do? Who would you speak to, what actions would you take? Who?


Use Properties of Rectangles, Triangles, and Trapezoids

Find the area of the triangle with base 15 cm and height 18 cm.


How Do We Write an Essay-or How I Learned to Write an Essay and Stop Worrying About the...

Easy Essay Writing!!All essays are written following only one format: begin with a 3 paragraph paper that looks like this…                1 upside down triangle                               ... more

Question about Sonnets

A sonnet has all the following traits except: ___a. it has 14 linesb. it’s a lyric poemc. it usually resolves somehow near the endd. each line reads the same back and forth

D) Rewrite these sentences in indirect speech.

1. He said to Prashant, 'Please help Vivek with his work.'2. Michelle said to Luke, 'You should think of taking up music classes.'3. They said to him sternly, 'Don't lie about what you did.’4. Mr... more


How much will it cost for only 1 banana?

Bunch of bananas .69 cents a pound, how much will it cost for only 1 banana?

Which is grammatically correct as a sign?

Sevens Heaven, Seven's heaven, Seven's HeavenSeven refers to a wedding date


Punctuate the following sentences according to the instructions :-

1. Although not a religious man Beckham has been influenced by religion. (comma)2. He has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 2005 and has also been involved inpromoting the 2012 Olympic... more


English homework.

Imagine that you are setting a story in catacomb. write a story starter describing the setting and introduce a character. Be sure to include:-Use figurative language and imagery to create a mood... more


Lord of the Flies - Debate

My class and I just finished Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies and we are doing a debate on whether or not Simon's death was an accident or an impulsive act. My topic is that The boys thought they... more

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